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Delicious Seafood Delivery

Stay at home without risk.

Our services could be defined as a luxury in this difficult time, for this reason we have chosen to carry out the delivery service of your favorite dishes, comfortably at your home.

In this delicate moment we have joined all our forces with our team of Augustus Resort and Il Villino Restaurant.

We are working to protect your health and meet your needs with dedication and care.

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Supportive menu

Order your lunch and be supportive, we will deliver it for you.

*For each order received, we will donate a lunch to charity.

We ask you the kindness to confirm the order well in advance to allow the usability of the service, given the current complications.

Thank you!

Menu Delivery 2020

In order to maintain the high quality and the delicacy of our dishes, we have made some changes to the normal delivery service.

Cold appetizers are delivered already cooked, hot appetizers and main courses are to be cooked.

Together with the menus we will provide you with a tutorial on preparing and cooking dishes.


COLD cooked appetizers, HOT to cook and DESSERT



COLD and HOT appetizers, SECOND course to cook and DESSERT

Most popular 

Appetizers and second courses


COLD and HOT appetizers, MAIN and SECOND courses and DESSERT

Full menu

With the menu we offer you:

Complimentary bottle of wine (only with full menu and appetizers menu + second course).

Delivery is free and is planned in the province of Lecce every day.

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